KARAKURT PIGEONS: High level pigeons from Turkey in OLR WORLD LEAGUE 2018

KARAKURT PIGEONS: High level pigeons from Turkey in OLR WORLD LEAGUE 2018.

From One Loft Racing World League organization are delighted to have in our maximum competition, Masters World Division, with KARAKURT PIGEONS (TURKEY), who is a true specilist in One Loft Races, and brings to our competition high-level pigeons.

Derby Arona Race 2 – 1. Pigeon’s Father and Mother.


In Masters World Division 2017, Karakurt Pigeons was 5th place in Masters World Cup (Main competition) and only Karakurt Pigeons, Emiel and Rebecca Denys (Belgium), Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal) and Ervin Laro (Italy) completed all the scoring races in 2017, besides Karakurt Pigeons was leader until the Race 3.


Karakurt Pigeons marathon pigeons with their babys.


We have asked them about Masters World Division of One Loft Racing World League…,

Karakurt Pigeons: “we are racing one lofts since 2012. last year after we joined world league, we raced lofts that we never met before. this is the turning point for us.”

The babys breeding for Derby Corabia.

Karakurt Pigeons: “İn the beggining, we didn’t send much pigeons to new lofts. New lofts are always risky, so last year we decided to test our pigeons in different lofts, we came to know our pigeons beter, as well as our rivals.”


The babys breeding for Algarve Great Derby.


Karakur Pigeons: “racing with new lofts with new and strong masters is pleasing , at the end it will be a new adventure for us.”

The big ”İgo” with family.


Karakurt Pigeons: “we are ready for 2018, thanks to world league and we wish everyone good luck !”

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