One Loft Racing World League Interview: Yusuf KARAKURT

On this occasion we present the first Turkish participant who gets a place in the Top World Division One Loft Racing World League. Yusuf Karakurt is 43 years old and live in Gaziantep (Turkey).

One of the One Loft Races that Yusuf Karakurt indicated in his pre-registration form was Corabia One Loft Race, and, at the beginning, we thought that this One Loft Race was very hard because there were a lot of pigeons. But in Corabia One Loft Race semifinal, Sofia One Loft Race, Superstar One Loft Race and Honest Race One Loft Race we started to see his name on the top. After that, when we were following Corabia Final Race, we saw “3. Yusuf Karakurt”. It is very important because the top world division only will have 100 participants, the elite world of racing pigeons.

Röportajın tamamı için buraya tıklayın.

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